The 5 day programme

Each day represents one of the four concepts of our recovery programme. Day 5 is all about consolidation of the four steps and planning the integration of actions into your current life.

The four concepts unique to this retreat programme illustrate the importance of the timing of different interventions and may offer an explanation as to why you may have tried many things in the past to no avail.

The programme is relaxed and spacious, comprised of short manageable informative sessions, interspersed with a workshop style approach to personalise the method to your own situation.

There will be broad concepts of dietary strategies discussed but no strict 'diet' will be promoted. You will leave with an informed view of where you are currently at and what steps you may need to address to make progress from here.

***One treatment per person is included in the cost of the retreat. The type of treatment offered will be one of the following: Red light therapy, Interactive neurostimulation technique or Reiki healing***

Image by Calum Lewis
Image by Illiya Vjestica
Green Juice Prep
Smoothie with Granola