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What previous participants said...

The functional medicine 5 day programme has given me so much that it is hard to put into words. I now have a much clearer understanding of the pillars of health and the foundations that need to be put in place so that the right environment is created for the body to heal itself. I love the blend of the programme between the mechanics of the body and our inner psychological world; emotions and trauma.

I was pleasantly surprised to also receive 1.1 treatment and the opportunity to ask all of my individual questions relating to my specific health concerns/symptoms. A complete holistic approach and I felt that you really ‘saw’ me as a whole person not just results on a chart.

This course is perfect for anyone that is fatigued by their health challenges and has exhausted the traditional pathways of the healthcare system. There is another way; the right way, the HOLISTIC way!

I feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to join Julia, Liz and team for my 5 day retreat.
The experience was truly amazing, I have come away understanding how the emotional affects the physical and vice versa. I knew this to some level, but the retreat really helped to open me up and tap into me.
For years I have seen a variety of therapists.
The retreat made me realise that I have been firefighting to some degree for many years, it has been a light bulb experience, truly enlightening.

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